Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Totally didn't want to go for my 4-mile run after work tonight. I seriously considered skipping it and instead heading out in search of a new pair of running capris. What. It's running related. It kind of counts as training. Right? Then I remembered I missed Monday's run and I really couldn't miss two runs this week. So I got home, changed into running gear and hit the road.

And let me tell you. That run? Amazing. As in it was one of those runs where I tried to go slow. But couldn't. I seriously tried to keep it somewhere in the 10+ min/mile range. Impossible. So I'm knocking off sub-10 minute miles. And it feels good. So I get to thinking. Can I manage this kind of pace for four miles? You bet I could. I finished 4.1 miles in 40:12. Take a look at the splits: 9:43; 9:43; 9:57; 9:51; 1:00. I'd say that's a good, confidence boosting run. Just what I need a week before a half marathon.

2. Race day is on April 16. Which means it's time to start obsessively checking the weather forecast and trying to figure out what to wear. So far the 10-day forecast is calling for perfect running weather. Let's hope the weathermen stick with that forecast.

3. In non-running news, I owe a reading report for March. And normally I'd do a stand alone post, but the reading in March? There's not a ton to report. I finished one book, Everything Nice by Ellen Shanman. That puts me at six books for the year and 4,883 pages. The rest of the month was spent reading Les Miserables. I'm 280 pages in. Only a little over 1,000 to go. If I'm lucky - and read A LOT - I might get it finished by the end of April.

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