Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm not allowed to run. And it's killing me. After my accident on Sunday, my back started getting achy and stiff on Monday. I decided to make an appointment with my chiropractor after talking with some family. I went for my appointment on Wednesday and he said I had strained my upper back muscles pretty badly during the accident. He told me to come back for a few more appointments and make sure I ice my back. Because I like asking questions, I asked him about running. And that's when he put a halt to my running. He said even though I didn't hit my head, there was still a possiblity I had gotten a mild concussion from the sudden jolt and that I shouldn't run.

It's killing me. I've missed two days. Friday's supposed to be a rest day, but I'm itching to lace up my sneakers and run on Saturday morning. He told me we'd discuss it again when I go for my appointment tomorrow morning. But even if he says no to running, I think I'm going to be that bad patient and do it anyway. My head feels fine. I'm not dizzy. No blurry vision. Besides I ran Monday and Tuesday and I'm still alive. I'll just take the run super easy. Because I want to run. I NEED to run. And there's a 9-miler calling my name.

2. It's taken me almost a month but I'm almost done with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Good book. Well worth the read. In fact I recommend the entire triology.

3. Another reason I need to run on Saturday? My good friend Krittabug is coming up for the weekend and she's going to come to the Fleet Feet group with me. Kritta's actually the one that got me into the running thing and convinced me to do my first half marathon back in 2007. I want to run with her. And then there might be some stalking of Clay Matthews when he comes to Lake Winnebago later in the afternoon.


MWGirl said...

Very, very excited for Saturday evening. It'll be like old times. I need it, girl.

And yes, take it easy with your neck/back/head. I hope you're well soon!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

very sucky not to run when you want to...the chiro has become my friend since I had a car wreck last year