Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I think the entire city of Oshkosh must be surviving by eating those little Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokies. I stopped at the grocery store after work to pick a package up to prepare for a potluck we're having at work tomorrow in honor of the Super Bowl this weekend. I walked back to the shelf, do a little happy dance because they're on sale and immediately stop dancing. Shelf. Empty. No Lil' Smokies. On to grocery store No. 2. It's almost a repeat situation. Empty shelf. I was just about to head out to grocery store No. 3 (and the last one in the city) when I spotted two packages in a display cooler. Jackpot. I grabbed those Lil' Smokies and some barbecue sauce and I was out the door.

2. On the running front, week No. 1 of the training plan is almost done. And I'm proud to I've four of the five runs for this week so far. There's just the long group run on Saturday left. I was a bit worried how running four days in a row would go, but I did it. My left knee was a little achy after I was done tonight, but I'm going to ice it a bit tonight. I'm hoping that it's nothing serious, just a "Dang girl, four days straight? You've never done that before!" type ache. I get a rest day Friday before the long run on Saturday. Dream big. Work hard.

3. The Super Bowl is so close! Just a few more sleeps and it'll be time to watch the Packers bring the Lombardi trophy back to Green Bay!

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Run with Jess said...

LOL about the lil weinies! It was like that with milk here the past couple days... everyone freaks out in IL when snow comes! GO PACKERS GO!! SO excited for the big game!