Monday, February 14, 2011

Runing through the puddles

What do you get when you combine working a later shift with sunny skies and temperatures hovering near 40 degrees?

A happy Badgergirl who got to run her 2-mile run outside!

Yes, there was a stiff wind to contend with during the first half the run and my feet got a little wet while trying to avoid the puddles, but it felt so good to be off the treadmill and running outdoors during a work day run. I felt like I was working hard, especially when battling the wind, and was expecting to see a disappointing time show up on Garmin Gus. But I was OK with that. Remember there was the wind to battle, puddles to avoid and I had to take some steps very carefully to avoid slipping on the remaining icy patches.

So after I got home and hit stop on Garmin Gus you could say I was very surprised to see that I had just turned in a sub-20 2-miler. OK. OK. Technically it was barely a sub-20 - more like 19:50 - but I was happy. Maybe those hills I've been conquering on the Saturday morning Fleet Feet runs and those hill repeats I've been doing on the treadmills Tuesday nights are paying off.

Whatever the reason, I don't really care. I'm just happy to have gotten the chance to run outdoors. Even if it meant I finished with wet feet from the puddles.


Deloris said...

Glad you had a nice run outside. Good job on the sub-20 minute run Jenny!

Run with Jess said...

I was beside myself on Sunday with an outdoor run too!!! Isn't it great to "run free" outside!?!? Great job. Today the sun is shining and mid-40's already. I want to run outside so bad, but with hubby working all day - not sure I'm up to the double-stroller with all the snow & puddles out there yet.

Jess said...

hehe. I just keep thinking of running through ICY puddles in the dark & fog. :) Hope I can shake this cold before it gets ... well, cold, again.

Jess said...

I'm loving that we're finally getting some warmer weather. Hopefully spring will be here soon and we can do all our runs outside!