Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is T-shirt and shorts weather!

Instead of running earlier this week, I spent my evenings on the phone doing battle with claims representatives from my health insurance provider. They were trying to tell me that my health plan only allowed a regular adult physical every other year. Um, no. Try every year. But two battles later, they finally saw the light and agreed with me.

Which was a good thing.

Because today? It was in the mid-70s and sunny. Gorgeous! And unheard of for March 31 in Wisconsin. So I was determined to take advantage of the weather. I brought my running gear with me to work, actually took it to my desk with me and when quitting time rolled around I dashed off to the bathroom where I ditched the work clothes and threw on the shorts and a T-shirt.

I was set.

I headed out to the Wiouwash Trail again. Running it this weekend reminded me how much I like running on the trail. It's kind of nice not having to worry about being run down by an inattentive driver and becoming roadkill.

The run went really well. As is my habit, I started out fast and logged a 9:40 first mile. Seriously? 9:40? And you know what? It didn't even feel like I was running that fast! I slowed it down after that first mile, because I knew I could never keep up a 9:40 pace for the entire 5 miles.

I did however remain amazingly consistent. My splits? 9:40, 10:15, 10:41, 10:18 and 10:18. And that 10:41 mile? It was when I was running into a fairly brutal wind, so I knew it would be slower. I was actually pretty surprised when I downloaded the info off of Gus. I didn't think my pace would be so consistent and in the low 10s. Needless to say I felt pretty darn happy with my run today.

Of course it didn't hurt that the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

I didn't pass any other runners today, but there were a bunch of bikers and dog walkers. And of course all of the fishermen who take over the bridge. I almost got whacked in the head with a fishing pole as someone was casting. That could have been ugly.


Seriously, I can't believe it's the end of March. I had a really really good month running wise. In March I logged 72.5 miles, my highest running mileage month EVER! I'm still behind on the Tall Mom's 1,000 mile club, but I'm creeping closer to where I need to be.

Let's look at the numbers for the month:

Run: 72.5 miles
Bike: 38.1 miles
Swim: 325 yards

I need to start putting in more time on the bike - which will be much easier now that the weather's getting nicer and I can actually take my bike out of the garage - and I really need to get back in the pool.

And how's the year looking?

Run: 178.3 miles
Bike: 134.6 miles
Swim: 663 yards


Suzy said...

It sounds like you had a great run! Enjoy the nice temps. Great mileage for the month and year as well!

Marlene said...

Nice work on the mileage for March and great run last night!

YAY shorts weather!

Lacey said...

hooray!!! love good weather :) and nice job on your run. it is so great feeling so good and ready and jumping right out into that first mile loving life :) way to get your 5 !

btw-- i've been listening to your CD nonstop in my car!! :)

Jess said...

I am loving this weather too and really hoping it sticks around!

J said...

I am loving this weather too, I haven't been able to run outside in the afternoon but the mornings have been a little warmer! I have been taking walks after dinner to try and enjoy the warmth which is really nice! Great job on your mileage! Keep it up!

MCM Mama said...

Great job on the run! My parents said it was nearly 80 by them this week. That is so not WI! LOL