Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An attempt at logging consistent miles

And on the 23rd of March I discovered this thing called consistency.

I headed out after work for a 4-mile run. Now, it always happens. I start a run and my first mile is always my fastest. Not intentionally. In fact, most of the time it feels like I'm running slow, but then when I plug in Gus the Garmin, he tells me I was super speedy on the first mile and then just got slower. And slower. And slower.

So today I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to get slower throughout the run. Faster would be nice. But I'd take steady.

Turns out steady was the plan for today.

Like always, I took off and felt like I was running at a comfortable warm up pace. But when Gus chimed after a mile, I glanced down.


Yeah, not slow for me. More like speedy. But still, it felt good. So I kept running with the plan of keeping my pace in the area of a 10 minute/mile. And honestly, I didn't do too badly. Splits came in at 10:11, 10:14 and 10:17 with the final 0.1 of a mile at 1:07 for a total of 41: 42 for 4.1 miles. Not bad. I'll take it.


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on your run girl! :)

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

Great run!! It's so hard to keep your miles consistent!

Marlene said...

I always check my splits as I'm running so I can keep an eye on the pace. It beeps each kilometre and displays the split on the screen so I can take a quick peak.

Nice job on the consistent run!

Nat said...

Don't you love your Garmin!? I just love mine! Great job on the run!

Lacey said...

haha! i'm the same way a lot of the time!!!! i would like to get faster and faster... but i would also take steady :) the garmin DEF helps you with that since you can track.

Jill said...

You and I ought to be running partners, we'd each run one another into the ground within the first mile. If I don't have a pace band slowing me down the first mile of a marathon, I've killed the last 6 miles. Good job on the consistent run!!!

MCM Mama said...

Nice job on the consistent running.

Today I actually used the setting that showed my average speed in each mile as I was running it, so i was able to make myself stay about where I wanted to (at least until the last couple of miles where I was happy to just keep moving...)