Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to bring out the bullet points again

I've been missing in action for a bit. Been busy. Not much time to blog much less workout. So I give you the last few days in bullet point style.
  • Friday after work I headed up to my brother's house. I was on overnight babysitting duty with The Rugrats. We played, ate pizza and had fun. They went to bed easily for me and aside from one crying attack when the youngest lost his nuk, we did fine.
  • Saturday was all Rugrats. Breakfast. A shopping trip. Playing in the puddles. A trip to McDonald's for lunch and the opportunity to play in the playland. A cousin's birthday party. Non-stop. When I finally did sit down, I was exhausted. But it was worth it.
  • Even though I was tired, Saturday wasn't done. After a quick 45-minute catnap, it was off to help a friend celebrate her birthday. And I think I became overtired and just started functioning on adrenaline alone because I stayed up (and out) way longer than I thought was possible.
  • And had a ton of fun. 'Nuff said.
  • Barely made it to Mom and Dad's for dinner Sunday. Watched the Badgers. Was out cold at 9:15 a.m.
  • Slept through my alarm Monday morning. Got through the whole shower/get ready for work routine in 30 minutes which was a good thing since I had an appointment waiting for me at my office. Was only five minutes late. Not too shabby.
  • Skipped my Monday night date with Jack Bauer for alternate plans. I think I made the right decision.
  • Wanted to go to the gym today after work but opted to come home instead. I donated blood today and earned my pin for donating a gallon of the red stuff. Pinned it on my work bag. Arm is a little sore but this donation? It went so much smoother than the last time.
  • And tomorrow I hope to make it back to the YMCA. I think it's time for a good run.
And that my friends is the past few days in a nut shell.

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Runner Leana said...

Sounds like a busy few days!

I'm organizing a virtual Valentine's exchange. Stop by my blog if you want to learn more, but I thought it would be fun to send Valentine's greetings to our bloggy friends!