Thursday, December 20, 2007

At least it wasn't the rainbow colored jibberish I've experienced before

My computer and I aren't getting along very well.

Actually we're not getting along at all since the computer won't turn on. Yes, that's right. The computer? It might be dead. Either that or very, very sick.

See it all started a few weeks ago. I'd go through all the motions to shut it down and it would just freeze. Stuck in "shutting down" mode. It kind of annoyed me, but I didn't think it was a big deal.

Unfortunately it turned into a big deal the other night. When I got the Blue Screen of Death. Or Severe Illness.

I was on my computer, wasting some time before starting my annual Christmas letter (yes, Christmas cards have not been sent out yet). So there I was, surfing on the web and all of a sudden BAM! The screen goes blue. And it's telling me all this high tech sounding stuff. Things about how I'm supposed to make sure any new hardware I've installed is properly done and I should do all this other computer stuff.

I shut the computer down. And I unplugged it from the wall. And left it like that overnight. For like 38 hours.

Last night I tried turning the computer on, hoping the Blue Screen of Death or Severe Illness was just a freak accident. Nope. I don't think the computer even booted up. The Blue Screen? It was back.

Now I was getting worried. What was I going to do? I need my computer. If anything I need an means to procrastinate at night. And blog. And play Snood.

So I guess tonight I get to unplug all the cords that are plugged into the back of my computer tower. And then load it up in my car to take it north to Best Buy. Because although I'm getting stuck with the Blue Screen of Death or Severe Illness, at least my 3-year warranty hasn't expired yet. Which means this might not be too costly for me. Because I can't handle another costly incident right now.

All I want is a computer without the Blue Screen of Death.


Bethany K. Warner said...

Neither rainbow colored jibberish or the Blue Screen of Death sounds good.

Deloris said...

Do you know what is wrong with your computer yet?

Badgergirl said...

Nope. It's still got the Blue Screen of Death. I was going to take it Best Buy yesterday, but I decided to wait until after Christmas, mostly because I didn't want to have to deal with the mess of cords and I have a million other things to do right now. Like start my Christmas shopping.