Saturday, April 5, 2014

Final Four Day!

 Hoping Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky and the rest of the Badgers can cut down some more nets. Source: AP

Guys! It's Final Four Day!

In a matter of hours, my eyes will be glued to a television, watching the Badgers take on Kentucky in the Final Four. If you've been , who around this blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love my Badgers. I was seriously pacing in circles around the living room during the final minute of that Regional Final against Arizona last weekend.

So tonight I'll be heading down to Milwaukee to watch the game with Renee, who has said we match each other in insanity when it comes to our Badgers. It will be fun.

Today also makes me think back to the last time the Badgers played in the Final Four. It was my sophomore year in college and Wisconsin took on that underdog role, battling as an eight seed in the West Region, knocking off No. 1 Arizona and No. 4 LSU before beating Purdue to win the West Region.

That was a fun team to watch. Jon Bryant got hot beyond the arc. Andy Kowske in the post. Kirk Penney and his adorable accent. And don't forget Mike Kelley. Oh, Mike Kelley. Yes, he was my Badger crush. Not a player to put up a ton of points, but defensively? He was a beast.

Mike Kelley and Coach Dick Bennett. (Source: Journal Sentinel)

Some friends and I gathered in my dorm room to watch Wisconsin take on Michigan State (anyone else remember the 19-17 halftime score?).  Sadly, I don't remember much of the actual game. I was battling mono and ended up sleeping through half of the game. Sad. And then Wisconsin lost to the Spartans. Double sad.

But since I was well rested (well, as rested as someone battling mono can feel), my friends and I trudged down to Camp Randall later that night for a welcome home celebration after the team returned to Madison.

It was madness. The entire field was elbow to elbow with students and supporters. I don't remember there actually being any ceremony, but then the players were wandering through the massive crowds. It was a pretty spectacular moment.

Great cover, disappointing lack of content.

One I wasn't sure when I'd see again.

But here we are today. Bo Ryan is in his first Final Four with a team that has gelled so incredibly well (and they're funny! Read this and thank me for the laughs later) and can play some amazing basketball.

And if you need me tonight, look for the girl decked out in red pacing in front of the TV.

Go Badgers!

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