Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. What's that you say? Don't bother going back into work until next Wednesday? Well you don't have to twist my arm. That's right. Today's Day 1 of six work-free days. I had some vacation time to burn and since taking time off around the holidays was out of the question (too many others had already requested it), I found myself using random days in November and December.

2. I don't have a ton of big plans during this stretch of time. Mostly relaxing. I am heading down to Madison on Saturday for my second Badger game of the year. Let's hope they turn things around. I'm not sure I can handle another last second loss. I'm toying with heading down to Devil's Head State Park, a place I've always wanted to go but haven't made it there yet. And I really have no excuses for not getting my runs in. There will also be reading. And the library timed it perfectly and filled my request for True Blood Season 2, so there will be some time spent watching vampires.

3. With Tuesday being Nov. 1, I decided to pull out Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. You know November has 30 days in it. Perfect. I've owned the DVD for over a year, but I've never actually made it all 30 days. Heck, I don't think I've even made it 10 days. But I want to try. Mostly because I know I need to start incorporating some strength and core training into my routine and I'm currently at a loss of where to start. So why not have Jillian tell me what to do and yell at me? Day 1. I finished. Didn't feel too bad. Day 2? Let's just say I took a rest day. The quads? They were killing me. Yeah, they're not so used to all the lunges and squats. Ouch. But I threw in a short run on Wednesday night, and although I still can feel it in the quads, I think I'm going to go for another round of the Shred later tonight and run this afternoon. Wish me luck.


Lisa said...

Enjoy the days off! sometimes I think random days off are the best way to go - no holiday stress involved!

Deloris said...

Good luck with the 30 Day Shred and have a great time at the Wisconsin football game. :)

mia said...

It's so tired of the working days.