Sunday, November 6, 2011

I wasn't the only one wearing red

So I'm halfway through my 6-day break from work. And I'll be honest. I haven't done much so far. And it's been great. The highlight of the time off will definitely be Saturday, when I took a road trip down to Madison to catch my second - and final - Badger football game of the season.

I wasn't even into the stadium and I ran into this Badger outside of Camp Randall Stadium. Sure he's no Honey Badger, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to make him mad if I ran into him in a dark alley.

The Badger football team huddles up during pre-gram warm ups. Considering they were coming off of two straight last minute losses, I'm pretty sure the theme of the pre-game pep talk was: Hey guys, we CANNOT lose a third straight game at the last minute.

There was the typical Badger Band pre-game show, and since my friend Nicole (who I went to the game with), has some pretty sweet tickets on the 50-yard line, I had a pretty good view. Look who was running right to me! It's Bucky!

There was a football game being played. And while the first two possessions by Purdue left me worried, the Badgers decided to play Wisconsin football. Monte Ball? He was an absolute beast on Saturday - rushing for a career-high 223 yards and three touchdowns.

Now, this is an early November game. Yes, it was a bit chilly and windy. But temperatures were in the lower 50s when the game started at 2:30 and probably dropped to the upper 40s by the time halftime rolled around. During halftime the Purdue folks pulled out their heaters and fired them up. And obviously the Purdue players were cold since they immediately huddled around the warmth. Weaklings.

This was a football game, but I can tie in some running to the post! During one of the commercial breaks, they honored the men's cross country team, which won its 13th consecutive Big Ten title last weekend.

After the break between the third and fourth quarters and "Jump Around" was finished, people started to file out of the stadium. What, the Badgers were up 52-17 and since the sun had set, it was starting to get a bit chilly. But I stuck around. Because dang nab it, I was going to see soak in every minute of Badger football that I could. Wisconsin ended up winning 62-17.

And look who I ran into in the halls of Camp Randall Stadium post-game? It's Bucky! OK. So it was really just a cutout that was part of a display (don't ask me what the display was, I didn't actually look at it), but I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a photo with that Badger!

Overall it was a great trip to Madison. Now I get to watch the rest of the games this season on TV. I'll be back next year though!


James said...

Sounds like your really enjoying your time off.

Rachel said...

Woo! So cool that you got to go to the game (and that they won!). I went to the bball game that night. :)

mia said...

Wow, wonderful time! You must be very happy!