Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forgive me for going one second over my time limit

I don't like people who hover. You know, that person at the gym who signs up for the time slot immediately after yours and then when you've still got a minute or two left in your 30-minute slot, they come over and just stand there.

Right. Next. To. You. And they stare.

I've dealt with people who hover the last two days I was at the YMCA this week. The woman on Monday has done this to me before. I barely finish my run, don't get a chance to do a quick cool down and I see her impatient looks while I wipe down the machine. Sorry, would you like me to leave it all sweaty?

Today the hoverer at least stood off in the distance. But she's also the girl who monopolizes the treadmills - signing up for four time slots in a row. I understand some people need to get that 2-hour run in on the treadmill. But do it at a less busy time, because at 5:30 p.m.? Everybody's fighting for a chance to run to nowhere.

Let's just say I'll be so glad when I can just run outdoors after work and not have to worry about becoming road kill because it's dark out, there are sidewalks in my neighborhood and the people drive down my street like it's a NASCAR track.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

LOL!! No hoverers on the road. hang in there, I find people in general are pretty impatient and TRY to remind myself not to be that person!!

Anne Marie said...

okay, admission time: I could've been that stalker girl around your TM. But it's b/c over at my gym, they ALL try and hide their time, take too much time or reset their time, and it can be annoying.
BUT that being said, i do follow the rules and only take 1 slot for 30 min.

oh, and I swear I'm still cool! ;-)

J said...

Just reading that makes me angry! I hate people who are just not nice and think they have the right to make others feel bad or uncomfortable! What happened to patience! What happened to being considerate!!!?? Why are people so mean! We don't have sign ups at my gym but I avoid the treadmills at 5pm cause its bad! Ok rant over! lol

Marlene said...

That would definitely drive me crazy. Our gym doesn't have a sign-up system and fortunately, there is almost always a treadmill or two available.

I would still prefer to risk my life outside than running on that thing!

Carolina John said...

i hate time limits. that's why. it sets expectations for other people to get in my way. and i don't like that.