Sunday, February 21, 2010

Date No. 1 with Gus

So Gus and I had our first date on Saturday.

The plan was to meet up at my apartment around 11ish and head out for a 4-mile run. I admit, I was being a bit of a girl, and I was running late. But he understood. It was a little awkward attaching him to my wrist though - over the jacket sleeve? Under? We ended up agreeing on over.

We were set. Headed out the door and had to just stand there at the end of the driveway for a few minutes while Gus located the satellites. Finally he had them and we were set.

I started to run.

It was a little weird running with Gus. For one thing, this was the first time I'd ever run and had the ability to glance down and see what kind of pace I was running. So I was a little distracted - as in I ran through a fairly deep, ice cold puddle right around mile 2. Wet feet. Fun.

And I'm pretty sure Gus didn't plan it, but I got to run through snowflakes. Kind of fun. It was just a few flakes when we left, but by the last mile it was actually coming down pretty hard - not sticking to the ground though.

Overall, the run with Gus was good. The only concern I had is either Gus was having such a good time with me that he didn't want our date to end so he fudged the distance, or has been lying to me for the last two plus years. Because what I thought was a 4-mile route, Gus told me it was more like 3.7 miles. Hmmm.

I'll give Gus the benefit of the doubt and go with the thought that he just really liked spending time with me yesterday.

There will definitely be more more dates with Gus. And next time? I'll even have mile splits - didn't read the instruction manual that came with him very well. Oops.


MCM Mama said...

Hmm, my garmin usually says longer than mapmyrun does. Such finicky little guys they are, but so much fun LOL.

Anne Marie said...

i had a great 'date' with my garmin today too. We're definitely still in the honeymoon phase still though, as I didn't let the wacky pace readings get to me...;-)

Suzy said...

Everyone needs a great date and it sounds like yours was successful!! Map my run and my garmin are usually within .3...but depending on the course it depends on whether it is longer/shorter. Enjoy your next date with Gus.

Marlene said...

Sounds like your first date went smoothly! I find that MapMyRun almost always over-estimates the distance... maybe it just has something to do with how you take the turns?

Either way, I'm sure you'll have many great runs ahead with Gus!

Lacey said...

lol i remember my first run ever with a garmin! it's so crazy. elliot joked my arm was gonna build extra muscle cuz i lifted it every other second to check my pace :)

fun, right?!

Jess said...

Ohhhh sounds like you've got the start of a beautiful relationship going there!

J said...

I have heard of garmins either saying the mileage is more or less. Its hard to tell who is right! Great job on the run!

Tricia said...

What a fun date. :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

My running buddy Zoe's Garmin's name is Gus and one of her coworkers who does not read her blog often thought he was a real person.. LOL!

prashant said...

Everyone needs a great date and it sounds like yours was successful!!

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