Thursday, October 15, 2009

Running and what are these heavy things called weights?

Another cold, rainy, windy day. Another trip to the YMCA and the treadmill.

Legs felt a little heavy after yesterday's run, but I still wanted to squeeze in 2 or 3 miles. I ended up logging three miles, each mile getting faster.

Mile 1 - 10:45
Mile 2 - 10:21
Mile 3 - 9:27 - was seriously pushing the speed the last half mile or so.

Run felt good. Afterwards I headed over into the land of the weights. An area I haven't stepped foot in in over 6 months. Gulp. But I need to get used to it. So I did some strength exercises and stretches. Some crunches. And then ended my visit to the YMCA with a quick 4-mile cool down on the bike.

Overall, not a bad night. I think I'm going to give myself the day off on Friday. I think I've earned it.


Anonymous said...

I've been ignoring the weight section of the gym for about a year now.
Sounds like you had a good run, keep it up!
From the looks of your race schedule i'd say your from Wisconsin. I am too! :) I go to UW-La Crosse.. we live in a beautiful state! :)

Carolina John said...

my weightlifting and core work have been severely lacking too. I miss it though, and look forward to getting back on that horse.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

My husband is a body builder...I stear clear of his work-outs.. can you say HEAVY??

Good job pushing it that last mile.

Nat said...

Nice work!