Thursday, September 24, 2009

The end of my run turned into an obstacle course

Remember that day I talked about regaining consistency with my running? The goal to go about 3 times a week? Well I started out the month pretty good. But my last run? It was over a week ago.


So today I knew I would lace up the running shoes and run. I just wasn't sure where.

The weather was really funky today. For most of the day the sky looked like it was going to start storming any second. And it wasn't super warm, but it was muggy. So I was all set to head over to the YMCA after work and reacquaint myself with the treadmill.

But when I left the office? It was sunny and there was a slight breeze. Yes, it was still a little muggy, but a tolerable muggy. So I decided to ditch the YMCA, head home and head out in my neighborhood.

Like I said, I haven't run in over a week, so I was just planning on the short, 2-mile loop I run in my neighborhood. But I was running, and feeling good. So by the time I hit that last home stretch, with the end in sight, I decided to keep going. Ran through some new neighborhoods that I sometimes bike through but have never explored on foot.

Over the last half-mile I was kind of zoning out. Which was probably a good thing since it's been kind of a rough week and I just needed to clear my head. Unfortunately as I'm running along all of a sudden there something blocking my path.

Bambi's mom.

Yup, almost ran smack dab into road kill. That my friends would not have been pretty. But I managed to avoid it and finished up the run.

Overall it felt good. I put in 3 miles and maybe could have kept going, but I had a date with my recliner to watch The Office. I'm heading into the office late tomorrow morning, so I'm crossing my fingers I can get myself out of bed early enough to sneak in a quick run before work.

Today I remembered what it is that I like about running and why I really need to consistently lace up the sneakers.


Carolina John said...

yea i've come across too many half gone deer carcasses and hoofs in the roads when i'm out on country runs. it's disturbing.

have a great weekend!

teacherwoman said...

it's runs like those that I REALLY miss. nice work!