Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'd say that fell in the 'good' category

That felt better.

My last few runs have fallen in the "eh" category. Nothing spectacular. Nothing to write home about. But at the same time, I wasn't really feeling it. I was putting one foot in front of the other, but it felt like I was just slogging along. Never really felt good after I was done. More like "Eh, another run done. Thankfully it's over."

Today? I definitely had a run that didn't fall in the "eh" category.

It was a good one.

One where I threw in a little speed work and actually felt fast at certain points. Felt like I was working hard, but not so hard that it was painful or I didn't enjoy it or was wondering if I was going to live to see the end of the run.

Given my last few runs, I went out with the intent to just do a short two miles. But after the first mile I still felt fresh. Still felt good. Didn't really want to be done in a mile. So I turned left instead of right, ran down a new road, one that had tiny hills. At the end of the road I turned around, but since there was a street sweeper coming towards me, I ran a little faster, no knowing if the street sweeper would be following me down the road and swallow me up or engulf me with dust.

I just kept running. Mile 2 passed and I still felt good. I glanced down at my watch, the numbers weren't too scary. Kept running, changing up the pace every so often, and soon I was back at my apartment door.

I glanced at my watched. I covered 3.25 miles in 37 minutes. Not bad. Better than my Oshkosh 5K. And I still felt like I could keep running.

Hopefully there will be more runs like that one. Because I'd say that was a good run.

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teacherwoman said...

I had one of those runs today as well! I didn't go as far as you, but was happy with how my knee felt! Nice work Badgergirl! :)