Monday, August 31, 2015

Race Reports: Wisconsin and Cellcom Green Bay half marathons

Let's play a little catch up.

Because even though my life was undergoing some major changes, I still had races on my calendar for the summer. I ran them, although not particularly well, but I ran them and had fun.

Wisconsin Half Marathon

So first up was the Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha on May 2, I headed down to Milwaukee Friday night to crash at my friend Erica's place. I remember having problems deciding what to wear - short sleeves? Tank? Tank and arm warmers? I went with the tank and arm warmers, shed the warmers by Mile 2 and tossed them to a friend at Mile 5.

I don't remember much about the race itself. I ran with Erica for the first 4 or 5 miles and then we split apart. I always had her in sight thought, which was good, since I finally caught back up with her around Mile 9. We both looked at each other, realized both of us had stopped sweating miles ago and we just decided to shut it down and walk it in. It had gotten REALLY warm during the first 9 miles of the race. Like sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and warm temperatures. And water stops were really far apart. So we pulled out the "run to the stop sign" and then walk method.

It was a nice course and well organized event. I just wasn't ready for the heat in early May. And I may have been a tiny bit undertrained.

Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon

Oh Green Bay. I missed you in 2014. Stupid teenage girl who couldn't wait 10 more seconds at a stop sign.

Another half marathon, another race where weather was troublesome. The first 5 miles were brutal. No wind. Sunshine. No clouds and warm. A struggle-fest from the get go. Thankfully some clouds appeared and the wind kicked in for the second half.

They got rid of the industrial park this year. Yay!

Otherwise, I finished. That's all.

That takes care of May.

Up next: Ragnar.