Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Running in circles and dealing with rule breakers

It was dark. And I didn't want to get run over by some crazy speeding driver whose car slipped in the snow. But I also needed to run.

That left me with two options: The treadmill or running in circles.

I couldn't stomach the treadmill tonight. So I opted to run in circles on the indoor track at the YMCA where 11 laps equal a mile.

Thankfully I only had to run 3 miles.

And really, it wasn't too bad.

But no trip to the indoor track comes without the rule breakers. Tonight there were the three women who insisted on walking three abreast, taking up the entire three lanes. I had just enough room to squeeze between them and the wall.

That wasn't the worst though. The worst was the little kid who came up to the track and proceeded to shoot baskets. See the track runs around the upper levels of the gym, which was crawling with people shooting hoops or playing pickup games of basketball. Apparently this kid thought it was a better option to come up to the track, stand in everyone's way and shoot baskets from above the rim. So not only was he standing the way of those who were running or walking, but then he decided he needed to take a running start to shoot that jump shot.

A running start that he didn't even bother to wait until people passed him. Nope. In his mind he was the only one up there and he was free to do whatever he wanted. I caught a few nasty glances from passing runners and walkers.

Stupid kid.


Hey Jo said...

Should have plowed the kid over. That would teach him ;-)

Badgergirl said...

Had I been running, I would have. But I was in the cool down walk and stretching phase. So I just looked at him and glared.

Carolina John said...

that's nuts! push the kid out of the way and keep running. darwin's bastard doesn't deserve to keep up a practice like that.