Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Vegas!

1. OMG! It's finally here! At this point, I'm most likely sitting in an airplane (hopefully with my requested window seat) flying somewhere over the Plains. Or if it's later in the day, the Frontier Airlines jet I've been flying on has landed at the airport and I'm in Las Vegas! So excited.

2. I've got the race day outfit planned. And of course I'm breaking one of those cardinal rules: Never try anything new on race day. But I had issues with my first attempt at my race shirt and didn't have time to send it back for a different size. But Scheel's had a similar one that I picked up Wednesday afternoon. So yes, I've never actually run in this shirt. But yes, it fits. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get to Mile 3 on Sunday and realize I can't handle running in this shirt! I'd show you pics, but of course I forgot to take any before I packed it in my suitcase. Guess you'll have to wait for the race report. Sorry!

3. Speaking of clothing. Do you know how hard it was to pack for this trip? Let's just say this. It's cold right now in Wisconsin. Lower 20s. Heck, it was snowing yesterday as I was packing. And the forecast for Las Vegas? Low to mid-60s. Sunny. Normally not a problem. But folks I've talked to (thank you for the power of Twitter!) have told me that layers are key - mornings start out "cold" and then it warms up in the afternoon. Not sure what they're definition of cold is though. I'm guessing it's a bit different than the cold I'm used to in Wisconsin! So layers it is. Of course that means I've got a lot of clothes in my suitcase.

Bonus: I won't have access to Internet while in Las Vegas. So you won't hear any more from me until I get back to Wisconsin. I will probably be updating my Twitter feed at points throughout my trip (including that important Tweet about how the 13.1 mile run down The Strip went). If you want, follow me on Twitter @BadgerJen2002.


Jill said...

GOOD LUCK!! Have a blast and enjoy the heck out of the weather and have a fabulous race!

Havs said...

Good luck and enjoy yourself! The 1/2 is a great distance race, and Vegas rocks!!

Carolina John said...

Good luck and have fun!