Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hopefully this will be the last indoor run for a while

I know I shouldn't believe weathermen. But I have to admit, looking at the weather forecast for Labor Day weekend? It's got me excited.
Should make for a great weekend of weather that's conducive to biking and running without dying from the heat and humidity. Yes. I'm looking forward to the fall-like temps. Especially since I've got a 10-miler on the books sometime over the weekend. And I refuse to do it on the treadmill or even a repeat of this week's track/treadmill combo. I want to run. Outdoors.

Which is exactly what I didn't do tonight. It was still kind of humid. And I guess I'm a wuss, because I headed over to the YMCA. My legs were still pretty sore from Monday's 9-miler, so at first I thought I was only going to do 3 miles, but after about a mile they felt better so I kept going, finishing with 4.3 miles. At least I was able to entertain myself with the Big Ten's announcement of the new divisions. Let's just say Badgergirl's not happy. Wisconsin got the shaft. The Badgers should have been in a division with at least Iowa or Minnesota. Ugh. Which is when I turned the TV to the U.S. Open, hoping to see the Andy Roddick match, but since they schedule women's matches first during the night session, it was Kim Clijsters.

At least I've got an outdoor run to look forward to next. Makes me a happy Badgergirl.


MCM Mama said...

Oh, that weather looks lovely! Wow!

Silly Girl Running said...

Hi! Just found your blog and love it! That weather looks a lot better than the weather here in Holland; it's in the low 60's already...Hello Fall!

Running Diva Mom said...

It sure does feel like fall today --- wow -- and windy!!!