Thursday, December 3, 2009

When you say Wisconsin...

I interrupt the talk about running, biking and swimming for a moment.

Because my Badgers? They made me a very, very happy girl last night when they knocked off unbeaten Duke during the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

Such a good game. Bo and the boys never trailed. Duke made it a nail biter at the end, but when the Blue Devils threw away that inbounds pass with seconds left? Oh so sweet.

And while it was on their home court, at the Kohl Center with thousands of rabid Badger fans cheering them on, so many people weren't giving Wisconsin a chance. But that Badger win? Not only was it the first time Duke's lost in the history of the challenge, they're now 10-1, it also helped give the Big Ten it's first Big Ten/ACC Challenge title.

After knocking off Duke last night and Maryland, who was ranked when the Badgers beat them last week in Maui, people should start giving the Badgers a bit of credit.

Needless to say I was a very, very happy Badgergirl last night.
Photo credit: Associated Press photo


Kristie Lynn said...

Very happy here too! Lots of shouting in the streets :)

teacherwoman said...

Anytime I see Duke lose, I am a happy girl as well. I would have loved to have watched that game.

Deloris said...

It is nice that the Big Ten finally won a Big Ten/ACC Challenge. But on the other hand, I was sad to read Duke lost. I like them. But a good win for Wisconsin. :)